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IMPORTANT! This site will be going away on July 20th unless we take action!

Due to Ning's new policy of no longer providing free sites, action is required if you value Mineral Collectors and want to see it continue.

There are several choices and I need your feedback as to which one you support:

1) Do nothing. This site and all its content will disappear on July 20, 2010.

2) Move the site to another free provider. One such provider is grouply. I have set up a prototype of our group there. Please have a look at it - http://mineralcollectors.grouply.com/
It has most of the features Ning has and just about all the features our members tend to use. It has a "Ning Transfer Tool", so you would have to do little, if anything. The transfer would be mostly seamless, as you can by visiting the new site.

3) Collect donations to keep our group on Ning. Their "Mini" plan costs $20/year, but it limits our group to 150 members. Their "Plus" plan is $200/year and has no such limit. "Mini" allows blogs, photos, forum and video embeds, but not events, groups, chat, pages and Ning Apps. "Plus" allows all of the above. With our current membership, $2.50 each will get us "Plus" and $0.25 each will get us "Mini". They way it would work is that I would collect the donations online and purchase the highest level supported by the collected funds. "Mini" would be perfect for us, except for the 150 member limitation.

I need your feedback ASAP on this. Please respond with your preference by replying to this discussion.

My personal preference is #2, but have a look at it and see if you agree.


Tom Corson
Group Owner

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Go free, go Grouply, Weebly, or something similar.
#2 -M
In my opinion option #2 sounds best.
# 2
option #2
Option 2
I have not been recieving this; did not know about it; probably because I have only recently joined the Jhb GMC but Option 2 sounds good to me.
Well, I've decided to give our Ning site a "reprieve" for the time being. As we currently have < 150 members, I can keep it going at the "Mini" level for $2.95 per month. The 2 alternate "homes" I found for us are just too "buggy", in my opinion. I will, however, keep them both available for testing/evaluation by our members and I would welcome your feedback on both.

The two "alternative" sites are:

On Grou.ps: http://grou.ps/mineralcollectors/


On Grouply: http://mineralcollectors.grouply.com/

Until I announce otherwise, all postings/uploads (other than testing of the 2 new sites) should still be done here on Ning.

For now, my company, OBG Gems & Minerals will sponsor this site at the "Mini" level.

More to follow....

Tom Corson
Group Owner/Administrator


Hi Tom

Let us know what you and others decide and we will fall in with you.

Pierre Joubert

This site appears to be inactive or dead.  Does anyone use it?  The other two alternatives listed to replace it are either gone or inactive as well.


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