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New specimens added - Crocoite, Cavansite and other classics!

Fellow collectors,

I've just added 33 new specimens to the web site. These are mostly old time customer favorites. Some are priced at $10 or less. They include:

  • Aegirine crystals from Malawi.
  • Aragonite from Morocco.
  • Beautiful Barite crystals from Peru and Cavnic, Romania.
  • Cactus Quartz crystals from South Africa.
  • Cavansite crystals from Pune, India.
  • Crocoite crystals from the Adelaide Mine, Tasmania.
  • Hemimorphite  from the 79 Mine, Arizona.
  • Beautiful fibrous Malachite from Zaire.
  • Native Copper from Michigan.
  • Native Sulfur crystals from Bolivia.
  • Classic cubic Pyrite crystals from Navajun, Spain.
  • An excellent Rhodochrosite from the Kalahari Manganese Field, South Africa. 25% off!
  • Stibnite crystals from the Herja Mine, Romania.
  • Vanadinite crystals from Mibladen, Morocco.
  • Wulfenite crystals from the Finch and Rowley mines in Arizona.

Please see them at:


Best Regards,
Tom Corson


Thomas W. Corson     OBG Gems & Minerals    
corson@infodyn.com   Green Valley, AZ 85614    

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