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Fellow collectors,

I've just added 25 new specimens to the web site - including some hard to find species. They include:

  • Three classic Kinoite specimens from the Christmas Mine!
  • Classic Enargite crystals from Butte, Montana - one only!
  • A nice Purpurite from the Erongo region, Namibia - rare and highly sought after!
  • A classic Staurolite twin from Fannin Co., Georgia - one only!
  • Two Native Silvers from Batopilas, Mexico.
  • An excellent Brochantite from Chuquicamata, Chile - one only!
  • Amethyst from Thunder Bay, Ontario - one only.
  • A large well formed Titanite crystal from the Polar Urals,  Russia - one only!
  • An excellent doubly terminated Barite crystal from Nye Co., Nevada - one only!
  • A pair of well formed Andradite crystals from California!
  • A large hexagonal Ruby crystal from Madagascar - one only!
  • Two Epidote crystal specimens from Inyo Co., California!
  • A classic pink Grossular crystal from Lake Jaco, Mexico - one only.
  • Marcasite on Calcite crystals from the Brushy Creek Mine - another classic!
  • Three beautiful Stibnite specimens - from China, Romania, and Peru.
  • Realgar from the Getchell Mine, Nevada.

These are mostly "one off" specimens, not one of many, so get yours while they last! Please see them at:


Best Regards,

Tom Corson


Thomas W. Corson                     OBG Gems & Minerals
corson@infodyn.com                   Green Valley, AZ 85614

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