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New specimens added - Skutterudite, Brookite, Adularia and more!

Fellow collectors,

I've just added 25 new specimens to the OBG Gems and Minerals web site. They include:

  •     An excellent Skutterudite specimen from Bou Azzer - one only!
  •     Classic Brookite crystals from Magnet Cove, Arkansas - one only!
  •     Beautiful, gemmy Orthoclase var. Adularia crystals from Ticino, Switzerland - one only!
  •     Nice Childrenite crystals from Minas Gerais, including one specimen which has altered to Ernstite - two only!
  •     A beautiful Lazurite crystal from Afghanistan - one only!
  •     An excellent Scapolite crystal from Tanzania - one only!
  •     A beautiful Pyrite octahedron from Peru - one only!
  •     Classic Pyrite crystals from Butte, Montana - one only.
  •     Two Goethite after Pyrite crystals from Blythe, California.
  •     A well formed Rutile crystal from the Champion Mine in California - one only!
  •     Interpenetrating octahedral Magnetite crystals from California - one only!
  •     A classic example of Leucite crystals from Italy - one only!
  •     An excellent Epidote crystal from Minas Gerais - one only!
  •     Kyanite crystals from Minas Gerais - one only.
  •     Spinel twinned Galena crystals from Joplin, Missouri - a classic - one only!
  •     Beautiful Fluorite crystals from Muzquiz, Mexico - two only.
  •     Bright blue Fluorite crystals from the Blanchard Mine, Bingham, New Mexico - one only.
  •     Anhydrite crystals from Naica, Mexico - one only.
  •     Arsenopyrite crystals from Chihuahua, Mexico - one only.
  •     Descloizite crystals from Namibia - one only.
  •     Richterite crystals from Ontario, Canada - one only.
  •     Classic Stilbite crystals from Union County, New Jersey - one only.
  •     Crocoite crystals from the famous Adelaide Mine, Tasmania

These are mostly "one off" specimens, not one of many, so get yours while they last! Please see them at:


Best Regards,

Tom Corson


Thomas W. Corson     OBG Gems & Minerals    
corson@infodyn.com   Green Valley, AZ 85614    

World-Class Minerals For World-Class Collectors    

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