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New thumbnail specimens added - Topaz, Cerussite,Azurite and more!

Fellow collectors,

I've just added 18 new specimens - many from famous and highly sought after Arizona localities. These are all thumbnails and include:

  • A stunning Cerussite V-twin from the Grand Reef Mine showing beautiful morphology and luster!
  • Two gem quality Topaz crystals from the Thomas Range, Utah!
  • An excellent Andradite crystal from Stanley Butte!
  • A nicely terminated Amethyst crystal from Four Peaks!
  • Azurite crystals from Morenci!
  • Native Copper from the Ray Mine!
  • Classic Barite crystals from the Magma Mine!
  • A nice Mimetite from Thailand.
  • Carlsbad twinned Orthoclase from New Mexico.
  • A meteorite from Henbury, Australia.
  • Cinnabar from the Ukraine.
  • Andradite crystals from Chihuahua, Mexico.

These are all "one off" specimens, not one of many, so get yours while they last! Please see them at:


Best Regards,

Tom Corson


Thomas W. Corson        OBG Gems & Minerals
corson@infodyn.com      Green Valley, AZ 85614

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